Technician Repairing A Laptop

Is My Computer Worth Fixing?

Your computer is often one of the most important pieces of kit you own. Whether it’s for work or play, you need your computer to be working at its best. If your computer begins demonstrating signs of a problem, such as slow loading speeds or overheating, you may be wondering

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A Hard Drive Recovery

Can a Hard Drive Be Repaired?

You’ve spent hours working on your computer, plus it has loads of precious memories stored on it, when suddenly one day, your hard drive seems to be broken. Unless you thought ahead and did backups (which we recommend everyone does!), you may start panicking that everything is completely lost and

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Woman Working On A Laptop

Why Is My Laptop Making Weird Noises?

It can be quite concerning when your laptop starts making unexpected and weird noises. Generally, an unknown and new noise is often an indicator that something might not be right with your laptop so it’s understandable to be worried. But, what is actually causing your laptop to make these weird

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Woman Using Laptop

Common Laptop Issues & How To Solve Them

We all know the struggle of getting to the middle of a document or a project when your laptop suddenly packs in and won’t go any further. It’s frustrating, it’s exasperating, and frankly, it’s not worth your time. It’s always an inconvenience when your laptop stops working or starts having

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