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Convenient Desktop Repairs On The Gold Coast

When your desktop PC starts to experience issues, you might panic at the idea of having to carry the whole setup to your nearest tech guru to get it fixed.

Luckily for you, here at Affordable Geeks, we’re no strangers to home calls and should be able to take a look for you. We operate all throughout Brisbane, Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast, including Burleigh, Robina and Coomera.

Contact us or give us a ring at 0412 389 017 and we will get to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, scroll on for more information about our services.

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The Difference Between Desktop And Laptop Issues

The most obvious difference is that you are much less likely to drop a desktop PC, although this can happen if you need to move it for whatever reason.

In addition, many of the peripherals such as keyboards and mice are exactly that – peripheral – so generally you will not be required to replace the full computer if they are damaged or stop working.

That being said, desktops and laptops use much of the same internal architecture. As a result of this, issues common to one can easily plague the other, including:

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Get Back To Gaming

With laptops being as prominent as they are, it’s fair to suggest that those with a desktop PC usually have one for a specific purpose – for many of our clients, that purpose is to play the latest and greatest games on Steam and other similar platforms.

We have several seasoned gamers amongst our staff, so we know how important it is to make the most of your setup.

On top of helping with graphics card problems, we can also help you overclock the card so you get plenty more frames per second – this will help your games run more smoothly and let you embrace higher visual fidelity. Check out our gaming repairs page for more information.

We Offer Same Day PC Repairs!

Given that we live in such a tech-heavy world, where plenty of important work is done on our devices every single day, then you might not be able to wait to get your desktop fixed no matter what you use it for.

This is why we endeavour to complete any repairs on the same day you request them, with a free quote given upfront to every customer.

We’re also able to come to you if you’re on the Gold Coast and bringing your setup to our store would be a hassle; just give us a call at 0412 389 017. Alternatively, you can book an appointment using our contact form. No matter how you get in touch, our team at Affordable Geeks will live up to both words in our name.