Why Is My Laptop Making Weird Noises?

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It can be quite concerning when your laptop starts making unexpected and weird noises. Generally, an unknown and new noise is often an indicator that something might not be right with your laptop so it’s understandable to be worried. But, what is actually causing your laptop to make these weird noises? Knowing the underlying cause is often the best way to figure out what is going on and how to treat the problem. Take a look here at some common noises and the reasons your laptop might be making them.

1. A high-pitched whine

A high-pitched whine can often be attributed to the coil whine vibrating at a high frequency. The coil in your laptop will vibrate at a high frequency due to electricity passing through it during operation. This will often get louder the more strain your laptop is under. While this isn’t generally considered a fault, if the whine continues to grow this may be an indicator that your laptop requires a new graphics card.

2. Strange clicking noises

Clicking noises can often be attributed to the HDD read-write actuator resetting itself. The resetting can happen due to a damaged disk space or corrupted data. This is quite common in older model laptops and is a sign that your HDD is on the way out and likely will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

3. Loud buzzing noises

Buzzing noises, which are especially coming when turning your laptop on are probably the most common weird noises that occur in laptops. These buzzing noises are indicative of dust that is trapped in the cooling fans which are needed to keep your laptop cool. This issue is easily fixed by cleaning the dust out of the fans or replacing them if they are old.

4. Unexplained grinding noises

If you’re hearing a grinding noise from your laptop you should get an expert to take a look at it asap as this is often an indicator of a serious problem. This grinding noise can often be caused by a hard drive coming into contact with a disc platter which can cause irreversible damage to the disc. You will often get a warning that something is wrong with your hard drive long before you hear the grinding noises. If your HDD starts to click randomly, take it to an expert to assess.

5. Hissing noises from the speakers

If your laptop speakers start emitting a strange hissing sound when they are not being used you more than likely have defective shielding on your speaker cables. This is generally an easy fix unless your speaker cables are soldered to the system board which can make them more difficult to repair.

If you’re experiencing any unexpected sounds coming from your laptop, it always pays to take it to an expert to assess. They will be able to ascertain the problem and repair it before it turns into a bigger issue. If you think your laptop is making odd noises and you need an expert to take a look, get in touch with our team today. We can help you out with any computer or laptop repairs that you need.