Is My Computer Worth Fixing?

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Your computer is often one of the most important pieces of kit you own. Whether it’s for work or play, you need your computer to be working at its best. If your computer begins demonstrating signs of a problem, such as slow loading speeds or overheating, you may be wondering whether it’s time to book it in for a repair. But is it actually worth paying for repairs or are you better investing in a total hardware replacement? This useful guide breaks down whether your computer is worth fixing.

Signs your computer is worth fixing

Here are some factors that determine whether your computer is worth fixing:

Age of the computer

The age of your computer plays a big part in whether it’s worth paying for a fix. If your computer is only a couple of years old and only suffering from minor damage, it will typically be cheaper to pay for a repair. This is because it’ll be easy enough for the technician to order in new parts.

If your computer is several years old, it may be better to pay for a replacement model instead. This is because some parts may be defunct or no longer in commission, making it difficult and expensive for the technician to order.

Level of performance

The level of performance also impacts whether it’s worth fixing your computer. If your computer is still functioning at a relatively good level, it’s worth paying for the repairs necessary. However, if your computer is suffering from low-performance levels and it’s going to be costly to repair, it may be better to invest in a new model with better performance capabilities.

Sometimes, the level of performance is lowered by outstanding software updates. If you believe a low-performance level is your main concern, check that no updates are due throughout the system as this could be causing issues.

Degree of physical damage

A big factor that influences whether it’s worth fixing your computer is the degree of damage inflicted on it. The nature of the damage also has an impact on whether it’s better to fix or replace. If the damage is only minor and the model of your computer is reasonably modern, it’s worth paying for the repairs.

If, however, your computer has suffered significant internal or external damage, it may be better to pay for a replacement instead. If the damage is moderate, it ultimately comes down to whether it would be cheaper to order new parts or whether it’s too costly – or if the parts are no longer available.

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