Common Laptop Issues & How To Solve Them

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We all know the struggle of getting to the middle of a document or a project when your laptop suddenly packs in and won’t go any further. It’s frustrating, it’s exasperating, and frankly, it’s not worth your time.

It’s always an inconvenience when your laptop stops working or starts having issues that impact your usage. Luckily, the most common hardware issues can be sorted with some troubleshooting and a quick fix.

At Affordable Geeks, our priority is to get you back up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide about how to fix the common issues with your laptop.

Your Laptop Keeps Freezing

This is one of the most common (and most annoying) problems faced by laptop users. When it happens, test the bottom of the laptop with the back of your hand. If it’s warm or you can hear the fan working harder than usual, the problem could be overheating.

The solution is to clean out your fan and heat sink which may be clogged up with dust or debris which often blocks the processor from cooling.

Your Keys Randomly Stop Working

Sticking keys are usually caused by debris, such as crumbs and dust, collecting under the keycaps themselves. The best way to sort this is to carefully remove the offending key and use a Q-tip to gently clean beneath them. You may also want to invest in a desk vacuum cleaner.

Your Laptop Won’t Switch On

This might seem obvious, but make sure you’ve pressed the power button firmly. If the screen is still completely black, try turning on and off the Caps Lock and Num Lock buttons on the keyboard or checking the lights down the side of your laptop. If any of these lights are on, the problem is your screen and you should move to the next section.

If they’re not, you should try plugging your laptop into its charger. If you believe it is fully charged, it could be that your AC adapter has failed. You can test this with a voltmeter or a new adapter.

Your Screen Is Blank

If your laptop is still making noises or there are lights on the base of it, then the issue is your screen. Try unplugging your laptop from its charger and removing the battery. Then press and hold the power button for a minute to issue a hard reset. Then plug your laptop back in, replace the battery, and restart the system.

If this fix doesn’t work then the problem could be a memory failure. You can check this by making sure the memory modules are in contact with the correct slot.

If you’ve tried our self-help guide and you’re still experiencing issues with your laptop, get in touch with us as Affordable Geeks. Our computer repairs service is the number one choice for the Gold Coast and Brisbane.